Health Awareness

India has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. However, various eye opening data from NFHS clearly indicate that access to healthcare still remains a challenge.

While the health statistics of rural India continue to be poor, the health status and access to health for the poor in urban slum dwellers has surfaced to be equally deplorable and have less than 4% of government primary healthcare facilities.

The need of the hour is thus a two pronged approach – first to bring quality healthcare services to doorsteps of the needy and second to promote healthcare awareness and contemporary healthcare seeking behaviour among the underprivileged.

Sky Foundation provided free healthcare services to more than many children and families.

Women Empowerment

Empowerment of women is high on the agenda in development plans and policies. NGOs have proved to have the potential to facilitate the process of empowerment among women. In this paper an attempt has been made to arrive at an operational definition of empowerment based on a literature review. The definition encompasses a few key elements such as power, autonomy and self-reliance, entitlement, participation, awareness development and capacity building.

We aim to break this cycle of poverty and dependence by providing vocational training in our sewing centres. We teach women valuable marketable skills to earn a living on their own. In our Empowerment Centres, we provide underprivileged women and girls an education in English,

Hindi, and Maths. Through our Scholarship Project and boarding homes, we sponsor children from poverty-stricken families to continue going to school. We provide counselling, health, and legal support when women are abused, abandoned, and blackmailed. Most importantly, we provide a space that is safe and free of discrimination, to uplift the hearts and voices of deprived women and nurture lasting networks of support.

Climate Change Awareness

The Earth's atmosphere has changed all through history. Just over the most recent 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of frigid development and withdraw, with the sudden end of the last ice age around 7,000 years prior denoting the start of the cutting edge atmosphere time — and of human progress. A large portion of these atmosphere changes are ascribed to little varieties in Earth's circle that change the measure of sun based vitality our planet gets.

We work to generate environmental awareness among the masses, encourage and empower the youth to take green action and create the necessary platforms for the conservation of local, regional and global environment and sustainable development.

School material Distribution

For anybody of us who ever gone to school know how special it was to have new school bag, new books and other new study materials. It is probably a best way to start new academic year, however for many poor families in India the cost of school supplies is extremely stressful or impossible to render to their children. Attaining excellent education remain as a dream for many children.

India has highest number of school children, child labour and out of school children. Many families do not have enough resources to support their livelihood, hence parents fail to provide needy things to the children for the education. Many families, especially in slum and rural areas are too poor to buy school bags and educational supplies for their children.

Children are a country’s future. We must help them in order to prepare them for the better future. We want to help needy children so that they will grow in safe, friendly and healthy atmosphere. Every child deserves encouragement, joy and happiness. Their smiles are priceless. We humbly love to see smile on every child’s face. We are doing our best to bring an environment to the children that promote development and well-being.